Our Philosophy

Beautifully Uncompromising

We design each Moss & Spy piece to last a lifetime - starting with a hand drawn original sketch by our Australian design team, led by Lia Tsimos.

We create our styles to lead, not follow, global trends. We source our prints, fabrics, trims and embellishments from the best international suppliers. We manufacture in Australia by hand to exacting quality standards.

Nothing copied, nothing generated by an ‘algorithm’. No compromises.

We shun the constant pressure to accept disposable ideas and ‘new’ everything .

Beautiful clothes are nothing without beautiful women. Women with the strength to stand apart and be themselves, to show their inner beauty as a sense of confidence that's recognised, respected and desired.

We are for women who know themselves and are unwilling to compromise about who they are.

That’s why every Moss & Spy piece carries a timeless beauty, reflecting the beauty of the women who wear them year after year.

Timeless beauty that often seems overlooked today.

Moss & Spy
Beautifully Uncompromising


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