May 06, 2019

I was looking through some photos and I found this great picture of my daughter Amelia and myself enjoying dinner in a cute café at Place Sainte Catherine in Le Marais.  It reminded me how Mother’s Day is a time to reflect on the new experiences that I’ve been able to enjoy with my daughter each year she gets older.

I thought of the first time Amelia came with us to Paris as a sleeping toddler during one of my regular visits to see the latest European fashion trends.  I also remembered how I felt when I arrived in Paris to study fashion design as an enthusiastic 20 year old. 

And later this year I will watch Amelia travel to Paris for her own chance to study as part of a school exchange.

It will be another chance to hear about her new experiences and adventures when she returns.

So this Mother’s Day I wish you all the best memories and new experiences for 2019.

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