September 10, 2018 1 min read

German actress-turned-model, Diane Kruger, has long been seen as a style icon since her acting debut in 2004.

She seems to have the ability to maintain an effortless, personal sense of style, whilst remaining ahead of latest fashion trends. Whether it’s strolling around Manhattan with her boyfriend or sitting on the front row of a Parisian catwalk, Diane has a natural nonchalance and ease to the way she wears all her beautiful, designer pieces. Known for NOT having a ‘glam-squad’, Diane is certainly a natural style-icon we can all take note from. See the image's below for a mixture of our favourite DK looks:

At Moss and Spy we consider our garments as being classic and contemporary - making Diane a natural Moss muse. We think she’d look perfect in the following, new-season pieces:

Florence A-line

Celine Off Shoulder Dress

Gardenia Strapless Dress


Loretta Dress

Flora Dress



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