September 22, 2017

I love Paris in the spring.  It's well known as the world's most romantic city, but I also find it a wonderful source of inspiration.  I never tire of the elegance of Parisian women, the vibrant colours of gardens in bloom, classic french cafes and its rich history.

Whenever in Paris, I like to capture the moment, so last year I brought a little bit of it back to Australia in the Tuileries dress,

My vision was to capture the exquisite detail in an intricate design of hand made floral embroidery against a soft nude or striking navy background. The result is a unique soft flowing design that seems to glow in the sun and takes me back to summer in the Tuileries.

If you’ve ever strolled through Jardin du Tuileries, you'll understand why, for centuries, the gardens have inspired hundreds of works of art, poems, love stories and even national revolutions.

They were originally named after the roofing tile workshops called ‘tuilleries’ that had been on land between the Tuileries Palace and the Seine since the 13th century. 

Since then, gardens and palace have been home to two of the world's most significant women. In the sixteenth century Queen Catherine de’ Medici (the most powerful woman in Europe at the time) decided to acquire the land, for her personal garden. In the 1700s, it was also Marie Antoinette's home before the French Revolution.

Today it hosts some most important works of sculpture in Europe, from the 1821 ‘Theseus fighting the Minotaur’ to Lichtenstein’s 1993 ‘Brushstroke Nude’.

And if you’ve never been there, the Tuileries dress would be the perfect thing to wear as you stroll with your parasol in the Spring sun.

Lia Tsimos



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